5 Tips to Clarify Your Purpose

 5 Tips to Clarify Your Purpose

1. Have a situation in mind that you want to develop a positive impact

We spend our lives realizing that the world still has things to improve. Whether in our school, community, or country, we can always point out something that we could get to action to improve and change. A purpose becomes clear when we know that there is something in the world that we can contribute to change.

2. Know the context of this situation

Every situation is inserted in a context that directly interferes in it. A context is a scenario or the frame that surrounds a situation. For example: the situation of access to education, in the context of the digital era. Knowing the context in which a situation is inserted helps to better understand why it is how it is and clarifies what needs to be changed.

3. Draw a scene of the situation.

Many situations that need changes are complex and difficult to understand and to explain. When we draw the situation we manage to converge a lot of information at the same time and this makes our vision about it clear and more understandable. This also helps to clarify.

4. Find out how people feel in that situation.

Reciprocity is a natural human feeling. When we immerse ourselves in empathy, we understand how people experience a given situation. Realizing how they feel naturally increases our compassion and our intention to help. From this intention, natural purposes are cleared.

5. Reflect on why you are the one looking into that situation.

Finding out how we can use our past experiences to envision solutions to a certain situation, helps us make sense of our story, and have a clearer vision on what could really be helpful. It also raises our self-confidence to take action, ownership and leadership.

Author: Joana Mao, creator of Clearing Purpose Framework

Джоана Мао

Създател на Clearing Purpose Framework

1 декември, 19:00 часа

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